Spectacular Science for 7 Year Olds

Glenn Murphy

Ages 7 to 9
19 August 2021
272 pages


Do spiders have noses?
Why is the Earth shaped like a ball?
How do clouds make lightning?
Why don’t magnets stick to everything?­

Glenn Murphy, author of Why Is Snot Green? and How Loud Can You Burp?, returns to answer all the big, small and out-of-this-world questions in this brilliantly fun and fact-filled book. Packed with all of the science, medicine and engineering a 7 year old needs to know.

Filled with fantastic facts and awesome activities, plus incredible illustrations by Al Murphy.

With a nod to the school curriculum, chapters include:
Teeth, Claws and Dinosaurs
Earth, Space and Aliens
Lightning, Volcanoes and Living Systems
Snap, Crackle and Boom
Blood, Guts and Poop