Does Farting Make You Faster?

Glenn Murphy

Ages 9 to 11
01 March 2012
224 pages


Why don’t hammer-throwers get dizzy? Could the world’s fastest swimmer catch a jet-ski? How far can a human being run or cycle before they drop? Which nutter invented the ski jump?

Glenn Murphy, author of Why is Snot Green?, answers these and other brilliant questions in How Loud Can You Burp?, a fascinating book about the science of sport.

From running a marathon to beating your friends at basketball, from negotiating a snowboard slalom track to pulling a backflip on a BMX, find out everything you ever wanted to know about sports and games! Become a whizz in science AND trounce your friends at your school sports day. It’s like being in the Olympics with none of the boring bits!

Discover more funny science with How Loud Can You Burp?.