Spectacular Science for 8 Year Olds

Glenn Murphy

Ages 8 to 9
19 August 2021
288 pages


Could we ever bring dinosaurs back to life?
What are atoms made of?
How do plants know where to grow?
Why are brains all wrinkly?

Glenn Murphy, author of Why Is Snot Green? and How Loud Can You Burp?, is back to answer these and a lot of other brilliant questions in this wonderfully funny and fascinating book that covers all of the science, medicine and engineering an 8 year old needs to know.

Test your knowledge with quick quizzes and amazing activities. With brilliant illustrations by Al Murphy.

With a nod to the the school curriculum, chapters include:
Animals, Evolution and Extinction
Atoms, Elements and Explosions
Plants, Habitat and Climate
Energy, Power and Machines
Growth, Healing and Disease