The Wife Between Us

Greer Hendricks

Sarah Pekkanen

2018 Nominee

Big Book Awards: Page-Turners Award

26 July 2018
352 pages


The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekannen is the shocking romantic thriller, and Richard and Judy Bookclub bestseller with twists you won’t see coming.

'A fiendishly clever thriller in the vein of Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train. This one will keep you guessing' – Anita Shreve, author of The Stars are Fire

Marrying a man with a past was always going to come with problems, but you never expect to become the focus of another woman’s obsession.

Nellie just wanted to live the life she’d always dreamed about with Richard. But who is his ex-wife, Vanessa? Wasn’t she a total disaster, in all aspects of their marriage? Nellie thinks she knows everything about his previous marriage and their troubled past, but as secrets are unearthed, she starts to think there's more to the wife before her . . .

Only one thing is certain, she’s not who you think she is . . .

It's easy to see why Steven Spielberg has snapped up the film rights to this book, which is an original take on a winning formula . . . The small twists and turns of the plot are riveting but the pivotal surprise is gobsmacking and it succeeds because of the scrupulous attention to the psychological details of all the characters
A clever thriller with masterful twists
A twisty, mind-bending novel about marriage and betrayal. A gripping plot and fascinating characters; this book will keep you turning the pages and guessing until the very end. A must-read!