Book cover for Fathers and Sons

Fathers and Sons



22 February 2018
224 pages
Imprint: Picador


There is so much aching love in this book, such pain and beauty. Behold, and rejoice
This book tells the story of how family is made. It tells it frankly, unexpectedly and in such a way that both family and expectations are rewritten and renewed. I couldn't put it down. Bold, brave, beautiful - much more than biology. This is life itself.
A miracle of a book: sad, wise, strong and hopeful, its depiction of parenthood will stay with me for a long time
Fathers and Sons is a beautiful, moving, and marvellously honest book. I relished its resolutely masculine point of view, especially on such a subject, and the tenderness and sensuality with which Cunnell depicts child-rearing.