The Sea on Fire

Howard Cunnell

06 June 2013
320 pages


When they were young men, Kim and his best friend, Garland Rain, travelled the world. They worked as dive guides, living free and easy by the sea. Garland is still out there, but Kim’s life is different now. He’s married and a father of three.

Still longing for the freedom of the water, Kim agrees to help Garland run a one-time trip to the spectacular Brothers Islands in the Red Sea. What neither man expects is just how badly wrong it will go. Drugs and violence collide, and not everyone returns safely.

Back on dry land, Kim finds that the decisions you make in the moment can come back to haunt you, even follow you home.

‘Cunnell maps new noir territory in an incandescent underwater world’ Guardian
‘Veers between hard man diving spirituality and slap you down vulgarity in a heartbeat. . . . Pack it for your next trip.’ Diver
‘I loved this book – an iridescent undersea world brought to life by some of the most bewitching prose I’ve come across in a long time.’ Kevin Sampson