Emma Watson

Joan Aiken

Jane Austen

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03 May 2018
304 pages


Jane Austen gave life to the fictional Watson family in 1803, but sadly abandoned them five chapters in – now Joan Aiken completes their story in her ingenious novel, Emma Watson.

Emma Watson has been brought up by her aunt in a wealthy and refined household, an educated lifestyle far removed from her widowed father and five siblings. So when her aunt enters into an imprudent second marriage, nineteen-year-old Emma is sent back home and must join her sisters in their pursuit of a husband . . .

Aiken takes on the fate of Austen’s characters with confidence and skill, flawlessly entwining themes of loss and love together in this stunning regency pastiche.

Aiken displays a lively turn of invention, not to mention assiduous research into her period . . . undoubtedly entertaining, a pretty, lively, amusing little pastiche

Sunday Telegraph

Her sense of time and place is impeccable. Others may try but nobody comes close to Aiken in writing Jane Austen sequels

Publishers Weekly

Aiken forces us to see what Austen made her own heroines see: themselves from another perspective

New York Times Book Review