The Butterfly Picnic

Joan Aiken

17 May 2018
304 pages


'For sheer enjoyability this tops almost anything' The Times

Intelligent and spirited Georgia March flies to the beautiful Greek island of Dendros to meet her cousin Sweden, but upon arrival finds her cousin Sweden’s body lying in a pool blood . . .

Georgia has come to the paradise island of Dendros in search of a new life, a new job, and a way to forget about her lost lover. Instead, her adventure begins with tragedy and takes her to a mountain-top fortress – home to a powerful multi-millionaire, his jet set friends and a school for unusual children. In this stunning Greek hideaway Georgia is hired as a teacher, but as she gets to know the children and their unconventional parents she becomes ensnared in a deadly international mystery.

Our not-so hapless heroine must survive a series of bizarre brushes with death, but also deal with the attentions of a strangely charming man – is he really the wickedest man on the island? Somebody certainly wants her gone as she inches closer and closer to uncovering the truth about Sweden’s death . . .

Joan Aiken reveals a strong heroine, a breathtaking backdrop and shocking plot twists – The Butterfly Picnic has all the elements of a holiday romance with a dark underside of suspense.

A Greek island, an ultra-helpable heroine, a body and . . . ? For sheer enjoyability this tops almost anything
Light-hearted literary madwoman’s flytrap of a thriller told by little Georgia who keeps comparing herself to the heroine of Dickens’ Bleak House
Gutsy international waif fetches up on a Greek island with an unknown murderer . . . her non-stop adventures are never far from fantasy but the mixture is enchanting