Book cover for Voices in an Empty House

Voices in an Empty House



17 May 2018
304 pages
Imprint: Bello


Aiken handles intricate entanglements with skill, juggling flashbacks like oranges without ever dropping one
This enthralling book is much more than a thriller . . . Joan Aiken has built up a novel both witty and moving around the complex relationships of an extraordinary family that are both indelible and disquieting. Compulsively readable
Voices in an Empty House is a cat’s cradle of interwoven destinies and uncanny coincidences. Bella and Bo, evil twins, create untold damage with their moral rampages; on the side of the angels are Bella’s husband Thomas and son Gabriel. As a study of good routing evil it makes satisfactory reading for a stormy night
In what many will feel is her most innovative novel, this well-known author features intricate relationships and a gripping plot. The narrative is utterly absorbing as it bares secrets the characters try to keep hidden even from themselves