Book cover for City of Friends

City of Friends



23 February 2017
565 minutes
Imprint: Macmillan Digital Audio


Joanna Trollope's novels address the issues and emotional journeys that face women today. In this, her 20th novel, she turns a sharp and reflective eye upon four friends in their workplaces . . . As the novel progresses, each woman is forced to question herself and to ask what really matters. How important is work? How much more do women have to put up with the workplace than men? What price transparency, especially among friends? The author addresses all the question with her customary insight and wisdom, depicting the characters with warmth and psychological veracity, drawing the reader deep into their lives.
Ventures into tough new territories of female experience.
It's fiendishly well plotted and, with its glittering London settings, full of urban glamour
Explores the multiple frustrations, pressures and hidden agonies of the lives of modern women