The Finish Line

Kate Stewart

23 September 2022
384 pages


'A modern day re-telling of Robin Hood . . . giving us all the steam. Buckle up.' - Glamour

"The only love I've ever known or craved is the kind that keeps me sick, sick with longing, sick with lust, sick with need, sick with grief. The distorted kind that leaves scars and jaded hearts."

Tobias King has lived most of his life in the shadows. A loner, and ruthless thief, he’d never deny that he’s a villain. As the enigmatic leader of the band of vigilantes known as the Ravenhood, his life’s ambition has always led in one direction – revenge.

But his path is disrupted when he falls for the one woman that could destroy what he’s spent two decades plotting. His all-consuming passion for Cecelia Horner comes at a great cost, including the loss of all he holds dear.

But Tobias is a fighter, and he’s determined to have it all: to settle old scores and win back the woman he loves . . .

Kate Stewart's Ravenhood Trilogy is a gritty, sexy and romantic modern-day take on Robin Hood, with a plethora of breathtaking twists. This unconventional love story is a white-knuckle ride filled with suspense, steam, addictive bad boys, action, and ALL OF THE FEELS. Begin this bestselling series with Flock and Exodus, or jump straight into The Finish Line.

A modern day re-telling of Robin Hood, Book One of The Ravenhood series is set to be a viral read . . . giving us all the steam. Buckle up
A gritty, steamy take on the genre that offers plenty of mystery, suspense and grey areas . . . Flock is a wild ride of a novel that is almost impossible to put down. If you like your romance novels dark, steamy and filled with tension, Flock is easily a story you can get lost in . . .
Full of steam and suspense, we guarantee you won't be able to put this down!