Krishna Bose

Translated by Sumantra Bose
14 August 2022
360 pages


The complete life story of SUBHAS CHANDRA BOSE from the pen of Krishna Bose, an eminent member of the Bose family and pioneering Netaji researcher. Featuring 95 images and letters from family albums and Netaji Research Bureau archives.

Written over six decades by an esteemed scholar and Bose family member, Netaji: Subhas Chandra Bose’s Life, Politics and Struggle vividly reveals the human being alongside the revolutionary and freedom fighter, traversing Bose’s life from childhood to his mortal end in August 1945.

Krishna Bose travelled the subcontinent and the world to discover Netaji’s life. As she pieces together her findings, we gain striking new insights into Subhas Chandra Bose’s political motivations, his personal relationships, and the epic journeys and daring military campaigns he undertook to secure India’s independence. We visit the Manipur battlefields where the Indian National Army waged its valiant war, the Andamans where Netaji raised the national tricolour; Singapore, where the INA tookshape; Vienna and Prague, his favourite European cities; and Taipei, where his life was tragically cut short. We meet Netaji’s key political contemporaries – from Nehru and Gandhi to Tojo and Hitler. And we learn in gripping detail about the Azad Hind Fauj’s spirit of unity and the bravery in war of its men – as well as the women who fought as the Rani of Jhansi Regiment. Krishna Bose closely knew many personalities who feature in this book – Basanti Debi, Subhas’s adopted mother; Emilie Schenkl,his spouse; Lakshmi Sahgal, Abid Hasan and many other leading soldiers of the Azad Hind movement – who all shared vital memories that helped complete Netaji’s life story.

Drawing on Netaji Research Bureau’s archives and decades of fieldwork and interviews, this book offers an unmatched portrait of Subhas Chandra Bose – the man, his politics and his epic struggle for India’s freedom. Krishna Bose’s writings were compiled, edited and translated from Bengali by her son Sumantra Bose.

Krishna Bose’s writings were compiled, edited and translated from Bengali by her son Sumantra Bose.