Book cover for Wave Riders

Wave Riders

Ages 9 to 11



10 June 2021
416 pages
Imprint: Macmillan Children's Books


lashings of plot, jeopardy and characters to love... the story has everything: suspense, sibling love, an eco-angle, a contested will and an admirable moral: nature and friendship trumps stuff
Lauren St John at her very best... a gripping adventure across stormy seas, stately homes and boarding schools, with a fabulous plotted mystery at its core. I couldn't put it down
Loved this absolute page turner. A classic adventure story with a strong environmental message and all the right animals
No one else writes adventure and mystery wrapped up in the wild world quite like Lauren St John. [I was] totally swept away by this thrilling eco adventure - clip your safety harness on and prepare for the ride...