Mood Mapping

Liz Miller

05 March 2010
256 pages


Mood mapping simply involves plotting how you feel against your energy levels, to determine your current mood. Dr Liz Miller then gives you the tools you need to lift your low mood, so improving your mental health and wellbeing. Dr Miller developed this technique as a result of her own diagnosis of bipolar disorder (manic depression), and of overcoming it, leading her to seek ways to improve the mental health of others.

This innovative book illustrates:

* The Five Keys to Moods: learn to identify the physical or emotional factors that affect your moods

* The Miller Mood Map: learn to visually map your mood to increase self-awareness

* Practical ways to implement change to alleviate low mood

Mood mapping is an essential life skill; by giving an innovative perspective to your life, it enables you to be happier, calmer and to bring positivity to your own life and to those around you.

‘A gloriously accessible read from a truly unique voice’ Mary O’Hara, Guardian

‘It’s great to have such accessible and positive advice about our moods, which, after all, govern everything we do. I love the idea of MoodMapping’ Dr Phil Hammond

‘Can help you find calm and take the edge off your anxieties’ Evening Standard

‘MoodMapping is a fantastic tool for managing your mental health and taking control of your life’ Jonathan Naess, Founder of Stand to Reason