Fast Women

Maggie Hudson

04 October 2012
380 pages


In Swinging Sixties London, casino owner Bryce Reece plays a dangerous game, chasing the high life while dodging the low life, until the law – and the women he has loved and left – catch up with him.

Bryce Reece had it all: good looks, charisma, a silver tongue and a heart of gold. And for a while he had the luck to go with it, plotting a series of ingenious heists to finance a legitimate business as a high-class casino owner, enjoying the trappings of success with his adoring wife and daughter.

But as Bryce’s exploits attract the attention of the Kray twins, and the envy of one of their most sadistic henchmen, the dangers of dabbling in the murky waters of London’s underworld become all too apparent. And when those closest to him fall prey to his enemy, it’s time for Bryce to stake his life on vengeance.