Tell Me No Secrets

Maggie Hudson

04 October 2012
354 pages


A compulsive and entertaining story of women getting even . . .

The Sweeting family are well known in south-east London, and not for their honesty. Jock is a professional armed robber and proud of it, and Kelly, his daughter, takes after him. By the time she’s 20, she is running the family gang, organising their heists with unprecedented success and audaciousness.

In contrast, her sister Jackie yearns for a life of respectability. To attain her dream she marries high-flying policeman Raymond, only to discover that his middle-class background has its own kind of hypocritical dishonesty. And Rosamund, Raymond’s unsuspecting sister, meets via the Sweetings the devious and irresistible Kevin Rice – but how long will she last as the wife of a criminal constantly on the run?

When the men in their lives lie, cheat and betray them, Kelly, Jackie and Ros decide that it will be for the last time. Their revenge is both outrageous and apt as they plan to bring off the biggest heist of the decade. And after the adventure of a lifetime is over, there will be no more secrets, and no more lies . . .

‘A blinding good read – go for it!’ Martina Cole