Book cover for Anna and Otis

Anna and Otis



11 July 2019
32 pages
Imprint: Two Hoots


This appealing picturebook is about a little girl and her friend, a red-spotted yellow snake, and a community that learns to accept what it fears. Inclusive illustrations are bright, busy and drawn with charming naivety.
This lovely story about friendship and tolerance is full of irreverent detail that builds a colourful and familiar world for Anna and Otis. Shearring’s accomplished illustration depicts the power of friendship in a bright, modern style. A delight of a book from a new talent.
This is great fun to read while the illustrations, original, idiosyncratic and full of vitality, make Anna and Otis unforgettable.
Brimming with a gallery of quirky and colourful illustrations, this is the ideal book to reassure youngsters meeting new people or starting school and nursery, and will encourage everyone to smile and say hello!