Out on 14 March 2024

The Breakfast Club Adventures: The Treasure Hunt Monster

Marcus Rashford

Illustrated by Marta Kissi

Ages 9 to 11
14 March 2024
256 pages


Marcus and the Breakfast Club Investigators are back and better than ever, just in time for for a brand new investigation!

When a treasure hunt is announced at Rutherford High, the Breakfast Club Investigators want to win. But an otherwordly monster is set on spoiling their fun. . .

Using clues from a comic book, can Marcus and his friends uncover the truth? With the whole school at stake in the BCI's biggest ever case, failing to solve the mystery just isn't an option.

The Breakfast Club Adventures: The Phantom Thief is the fourth book in an exciting mystery series by England International footballer, child food-poverty campaigner and bestselling author Marcus Rashford MBE, inspired by Marcus's own experiences growing up! Written with Alex Falase-Koya and packed with tons of illustrations by Marta Kissi, it is it the perfect book for children aged 8-11.