The Redeemed

Matthew Hall

31 March 2013
432 pages


The Redeemed is the third thrilling installment in Matthew Hall's gripping, CWA Gold Dagger shortlisted Coroner Jenny Cooper series, from the creator of Keeping Faith.

A mystery from the past. A deadly secret in the present.

The body of a dead man is discovered in an overgrown cemetery in Bristol, the sign of the cross gouged into his flesh. At first it seems to coroner Jenny Cooper that all the evidence points to a horrific, if routine, suicide.

Then an enigmatic young priest, Father Lucas Starr, arrives on Jenny’s doorstep, entreating her to hold an inquest into the death of Eva Donaldson, a high profile political campaigner whose past life continued to haunt her. A young man, Paul Craven, has recently been sentenced for Eva’s brutal murder. But despite Craven’s conviction and the evidence against him, Father Lucas is convinced of the man’s innocence.

Jenny’s lone quest for justice will take her to the dark heart of an establishment who wish to silence her, and on an inner journey to confront ghosts that have haunted her for a lifetime. For Jenny Cooper answers to no one but the dead . . .

The Redeemed is followed by the fourth book in the Coroner Jenny Cooper series, The Flight.

The Jenny Cooper novels have been adapted into a hit TV series, Coroner, made for CBC and NBC Universal starring Serinda Swan and Roger Cross.

Jenny Cooper has made it into her third breathlessly enjoyable novel. She’s stubborn, insubordinate, leads a chaotic life and is prone to exceed her legal powers. She’s mentally and emotionally unstable, under psychiatric care, and consumes many pills. Fortunately she is also obsessed with seeing that, as coroner, she does justice to the dead
The Redeemed, is the third crime novel in Matthew Hall's successful Jenny Cooper series, which continues to go from strength to strength . . . Jenny Cooper is a great series character
Readers of Patricia Cornwell will very much enjoy this psychological thriller