The Skinner

Neal Asher

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29 November 2018
958 minutes
William Gaminara


The savage ocean planet of Spatterjay draws visitors with very different agendas. Erlin is immortal and seeks a reason to keep living. Janer hosts a hive mind, which paid him to find this planet. And Keech is an agent of Earth who’s been dead for seven hundred years – but still hunts a notorious criminal.

On Spatterjay’s vast waterscapes, only the Old Captains risk the native life forms and their voracious appetites. However, they are now barely human. And somewhere out there Keech’s target – the Skinner – runs wild. Keech pursues the Skinner for atrocities committed in a centuries-past war, fought with the alien Prador. But one of these Prador is fast approaching Spatterjay to exterminate witnesses to his own war crimes. And he won’t spare its visitors.

His easy style and intriguing plot make for a great story that treats the reader as an adult

The Times

Crammed full of inventive technology, organic and artificial intelligence, horrible monsters, and a thick mesh of story lines


An exhilarating tour through one of the most ingeniously, elaborately deadly worlds since Harry Harrison invented Death World