Book cover for In the Name of Honour

In the Name of Honour



04 February 2011
400 pages
Imprint: Macmillan


In The Name of Honor is an absolute humdinger of a murder mystery, with a you-will-never-guess twist that I greeted with pure envy. This is a beautifully crafted book that offers not merely unrelenting suspense, but a close look at the dysfunctions of military justice and of one particular family.
No one knows the courtroom better - no one writes the courtroom better - than Richard North Patterson. In the Name of Honour is a riveting tale of love and betrayal, truth and its role in a search for justice, war and its devastating effect on combatants and their families. As always, Patterson's plotting is brilliant and nuanced, his characters richly developed, and his prose is as elegant as it is gripping.

Stephen King, in one of his novels, has his main character reflect that ‘Patterson and DeMille are probably the best of the current popular novelists.' I could not agree more, and Richard North Patterson has done it again with In the Name of Honour, which will be very favourably compared to The Caine Mutiny

As always, Richard North Patterson demonstrates an uncanny knack for selecting a topic as hot as tomorrow's headlines, but the pleasures of this book far transcend its gripping and timely subject. In the Name of Honour is a family saga, a courtroom drama, and also a rare kind of love story. There is romance, of course, but also an exploration of other kinds of love - of country, comrades, ideas. This is Patterson's best book yet.