Book cover for Exile



30 January 2014
720 pages
Imprint: Macmillan


Exile is an astonishing book, a hugely entertaining human drama that also offers remarkable insight into the lethal conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. Richard North Patterson has outdone himself - Exile is his best novel yet.
Stephen King, in one of his novels, has his main character reflect that ‘Patterson and DeMille are probably the best of the current popular novelists.' I could not agree more...
Torn from the headlines…Exile delivers.
Through his artful writing, Patterson presents compelling arguments for both sides while avoiding a preachy tone - a pitfall a lesser writer easily could succumb to. Weaving a powerful love story into this vast portrait of political divisiveness is no small feat, but Patterson does it gracefully... In Exile, Patterson has redefined himself as a writer willing to take risks while seeking to understand one of the world's seemingly unsolvable problems.