Richard North Patterson

30 January 2014
720 pages


'Richard North Patterson has outdone himself - Exile is his best novel yet.' Bill Clinton

From one of America's most compelling novelists comes the mesmerising story of a lawyer who must defend the woman he loves against a charge of conspiring to assassinate a prime minister.

David Wolfe's life is approaching an exhilarating peak: he's a successful San Francisco lawyer, he's about to get married, and he's being primed for a run for Congress. But when the phone rings and he hears the voice of Hana Arif - the woman with whom he had a secret affair in law school -he begins a completely unexpected journey. The next day, the prime minister of Israel is assassinated by a suicide bomber while visiting San Francisco; soon, Hana herself is accused of being the mastermind behind the murder. Hana may well be guilty but David cannot turn away the one woman he can never forget...

Culminating in a tense and startling trial with international ramifications, Exile is that rare novel that both entertains and enlightens. At once an intricate tale of betrayal and deception, a moving love story, and a fascinating journey into the lethal politics of the Middle East, this is Richard North Patterson at his most brilliant and engrossing.

Exile is an astonishing book, a hugely entertaining human drama that also offers remarkable insight into the lethal conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. Richard North Patterson has outdone himself - Exile is his best novel yet.
Stephen King, in one of his novels, has his main character reflect that ‘Patterson and DeMille are probably the best of the current popular novelists.' I could not agree more...
Torn from the headlines…Exile delivers.