Richard North Patterson

04 November 2011
500 pages


'A must read' Former President Bill Clinton

'Patterson has the rare gift of enthralling as he informs' Mark Lawson, Guardian

Fifty-nine days. That’s how long Rennell Price has to live – after spending fifteen years on death row after being convicted along with his brother for the horrifying murder of a young girl. But lawyer Terri Paget has dedicated her life to fighting for people like Rennell Price. This time, Terri has a client she believes may actually be innocent, which means that an unpunished killer may still be free.

As Terri prepares for a last appeal, she gets a new weapon for her battle – fresh evidence suggesting that another man, not Rennell, helped his brother commit the atrocity. But as more people are drawn into Terri’s last-ditch battle, and as political agendas and personalities clash while time is running out for Rennell Price, this much is clear: The serious doubts about Rennell’s guilt may not be enough to save him...

New York Times bestselling author, Richard North Patterson, tackles one of the most important and controversial issues of our time - the death penalty - with an engrossing thriller that is both entertaining and informative, a edge of your seat page-turner and a sophisticated examination of crime and punishment.

a compelling story, fully worthy of Richard North Patterson, which is made even more intriguing by its detailed insight into the world of special-interests politics in Washington, D.C.

Will grab you from the very first page and never let go
Patterson is a fluid prose writer clearly at his best in the taut courtroom scenes...