Robin Cook

11 September 2014
448 pages


Terminal is a fast-paced thriller from New York Times bestselling author and master of the medical thriller Robin Cook.

The Forbes Cancer Center in Miami is experiencing unprecedented cure rates for patients stricken with medulloblastoma. Sean Murphy, a bright, brash, Harvard medical student, takes an elective at the center to learn as much as he can about the procedures and treatments. The icy atmosphere that greets him, coupled with a warning to stay away from the unit in question, fuels Sean's determination to discover why everything is veiled in such secrecy.

To carry out his investigation, he enlists the help of his girlfriend, Janet Reardon, a nurse. These self-appointed detectives find themselves chased by a variety of factions and in trouble with the law before unearthing the horrible truth . . .

The master of the medical thriller.