Acceptable Risk

Robin Cook

11 September 2014
406 pages


From the bestselling doctor Robin Cook, whose high-voltage thrillers regularly quicken readers' pulses, comes Acceptable Risk, a harrowing tale of greed, abandoned ethics, and ambition run awry in the newest area of medical intervention: cosmetic psychopharmacology.

With billions of dollars at stake, every scientist in America is fighting to discover the next Prozac, the latest 'feel good' drug.

Edward Armstrong believes he has hit the jackpot. He has isolated a stunningly effective antidepressant from a bacterial mould first uncovered over two hundred years ago.

But there is more to the drug than anyone could have imagined. When Edward turns violent and the corpses of mutilated animals appear near the laboratory, his girlfriend decides to investigate the truth about this new 'miracle' drug. Before it claims any more innocent lives . . .