Book cover for Hare House



29 September 2022
320 pages
Imprint: Pan


A beautiful, slow burn of a novel, eerie and shimmering in equal measure. The bewitching prose brilliantly evokes the bleak glories of a remote Scottish landscape, while the subtle shifts of plot and perspective lure the reader towards an unsettling denouement where nothing is quite what it seems. A dark uncanny read and all the more satisfying for that

Eerie and subtle . . . This deliciously chilly tale dodges the expected outcome and maintains a delicate balance between psychology and witchcraft right to its disturbing end

A tale humming with suppressed hysteria and madness
The atmosphere of sickly oddness creeps up with wonderful control. Hinchcliffe has a superb sense for the slightly off detail . . . Hinchcliffe has crafted an exquisitely, horribly unreliable narrator. But if the character is not to be trusted, the author very much is: Hare House is a marvellously nasty piece of distinctly Scottish gothic