Scott Turow

2010 Nominee

CWA Ian Fleming Steel Dagger

22 May 2014
512 pages


Scott Turow's Innocent is the eagerly anticipated sequel to the huge bestselling landmark legal thriller Presumed Innocent.

Twenty years ago, Tommy Molto charged his colleague Rusty Sabich with the murder of a former lover; when a shocking turn of events transformed Prosecutor Rusty from the accuser into the accused. Rusty was cleared, but the seismic trial left both men reeling. Molto’s name was dragged through the mud and while Rusty regained his career, he lost much more . . .

Now, Rusty – sixty years old and a chief judge – wakes to a new nightmare. His wife Barbara has died in suspicious circumstances and once again, he is the prime suspect. Reunited with his charismatic lawyer Sandy Stern, Rusty will do anything to convince his beloved son Nat of his innocence. But what is he hiding?

In an explosive trial which will expose lies, jealousy, revenge, corruption and the darker side of human nature, Rusty Sabich and Tommy Molto will battle it out to finally discover the real meaning of truth, and of justice.

It’s more than 20 years since Scott Turow introduced us to Rusty Sabich, the flawed hero of his excellent debut courtroom thriller, Presumed Innocent. In this keenly anticipated sequel…Turow keeps the suspense ratcheted up in the gripping courtroom scenes and springs a succession of clever twists… First rate
One of this year’s most rewarding thrillers… Compelling courtroom drama is once more combined with Philip Roth-like stylistic verve and psychological insight
If the opening of this stylish court room thriller does not grip you like a vice, you must be very hard to please … Scott Turow has consistently out-Grishamed, and this sequel to his 1987 bestseller Presumed Innocent sees him at full creative throttle … the book is a terrific read, with hidden emotional depths