Personal Injuries

Scott Turow

22 May 2014
400 pages


A portrayal of imperfect justice, Personal Injuries is Scott Turow's fifth Kindle County legal thriller.

Robbie Feaver is a successful personal injury lawyer, with a burgeoning practice, a way with the ladies and a beautiful wife he loves – who is dying of an incurable illness. He also has a secret bank account where he occasionally deposits funds which make their way into the pockets of judges who decide Robbie’s cases.

Robbie is apprehended and, in exchange for leniency, agrees to ‘wear a wire’ as he continues to try to fix decisions. The FBI agent assigned to supervise him goes by the alias of Evon Miller. She is stocky, lonely, uncomfortable in her skin, and impervious to Robbie’s charms. And she carries secrets of her own . . .

As the law tightens its net, Robbie’s and Evon’s stories will converge thrillingly and ultimately tragically . . .

The best book of his career… a riveting, impeccably crafted legal thriller… a highly charged story… Legal fiction has turned depressingly formulaic and melodramatic lately, but Scott Turow's just get richer and smarter. Funnier, too
Feaver is deftly portrayed… Unlike John Grisham, his chief rival in the legal thriller game, Mr. Turow has always demonstrated a gift for creating characters who are more than one-dimensional pawns, and Robbie Feaver is no exception
Turow is well-established as one of the greater writers of modern legal thrillers… In Personal Injuries, Turow never writes with anything less than spectacular grace… Turow's prose is beautiful and his observations, particularly the perceptions of small-scale human vulnerabilities, can take your breath away