Fake Dates and Mooncakes

Sher Lee

Age 12 +
25 May 2023
272 pages


Heartstopper meets Crazy Rich Asians. Fake Dates and Mooncakes is a heartfelt, joyful rom-com by Sher Lee.

Fake-dates, mooncakes and rich people problems. But love wasn't meant to be on the menu . . .

Meet Dylan Tang: he juggles school and delivery runs for his aunt’s struggling Chinese takeout in Brooklyn. Winning a mooncake competition could bring the publicity they need to stay afloat.

Enter Theo Somers: a charming, wealthy customer who convinces Dylan to be his fake date to a family wedding full of crazy rich drama. Their romance is supposed to be just for show . . . but soon Dylan’s falling for Theo. For real.

With the mooncake contest looming, Dylan can’t risk being distracted by rich-people problems. Can he save his family’s business and follow his heart – or will he fail to do both?

'The perfect recipe of romance, riches, and really great food!' – Jason June, author of Out of the Blue

The perfect recipe of romance, riches, and really great food! Through family drama, will-they/won't-they vibes, and one adorable corgi, Lee shows that true happiness comes from following your heart (and delicious mooncakes help, too!).
With a fresh take on fun tropes and a focus on family as well as romance, Fake Dates and Mooncakes is wonderfully heartfelt and romantic. An utterly delightful read.
A sweet and entertaining romance. Fake Dates and Mooncakes has all the desired ingredients to warm your heart (and leave you hungry for Chinese takeout).