The Boy With Wings: Clash of the Superkids

Sir Lenny Henry

Illustrated by Keenon Ferrell

Ages 9 to 12
05 October 2023
224 pages


Join Tunde on his next superpowered mission in The Boy with Wings: Clash of the Superkids, a hilarious, action packed story from Lenny Henry, illustrated throughout by Keenon Ferrell.

Wings? Check.
A super-cool, super-secret past? Check.
An impossible mission to save the world from a super evil enemy? Check.

When Tunde’s parents take him to a top-secret testing facility called The Complex, he’s nervous about meeting others like him who have super powers. But trying to make new friends is the least of his worries. There’s something much scarier going on. And it’s going take more than just the boy with wings to stop it . . .

Now that flight isn’t an option, the only choice is to fight.

This book is as laugh-out-loud funny as you’d expect, but it’s also packed with super-charged thrills, characters you really care about and a whole lot of heart. I think The Boy With Wings is the start of something really special.
Hilarious and heartfelt ... interwoven with messages about family, friendship, courage and belonging
... Always looking for genuinely laugh out loud funny books and [The Boy with Wings] 100% delivered. THANK YOU.