A guide to Lenny Henry’s children’s books

Discover Sir Lenny Henry’s children’s books, including The Boy With Wings: Attack of the Rampaging Robot – a 2023 World Book Day selection.

As one of the nation’s favourite comedians, TV personalities, actors and philanthropists, Sir Lenny Henry has now firmly established himself in the children’s books space. All of his stories are packed with action and adventure, as well as important messages. Here is our guide to all of Sir Lenny Henry’s children’s books to date. 

You Can Do Anything, Tyrone!

by Sir Lenny Henry

You Can Do Anything, Tyrone! is a fantastic fun tale of imagination and adventure and the first picture book from award-winning comedian and actor Sir Lenny Henry. Tyrone is going to build a rocket ship out of building blocks and go on an adventure to the moon! But the blocks won't work, and Tyrone quickly loses his temper. Luckily, Grandad Cleveland is on hand to show him that with self belief, a bit of determination and a lot of imagination, there’s nothing Tyrone can't do. 

The Boy With Wings: Clash of the Superkids

by Sir Lenny Henry

Join Tunde on his next superpowered mission in The Boy with Wings: Clash of the Superkids, a hilarious, action packed story. Wings? Check. A super-cool, super-secret past? Check. An impossible mission to save the world from a super evil enemy? Check. When Tunde’s parents take him to a top-secret testing facility called The Complex, he’s nervous about meeting others like him who have super powers. But trying to make new friends is the least of his worries. There’s something much scarier going on . . . 

The Boy With Wings: Attack of the Rampaging Robot

by Sir Lenny Henry

World Book Day 2023 Selection. Tunde has awesome friends, embarrassing parents and loves football – sounds normal, right? Except Tunde is also a secret superhero with wings! But when a new kid starts at school and is better than him at everything, not even Tunde’s friends seem on his side. And to make matters worse there’s also an evil robot about, threatening to destroy the town. Use your £1 book token to take flight with Tunde in his latest adventure and find out whether the Boy With Wings can save the day before it’s too late!

The Boy With Wings

by Sir Lenny Henry

In Sir Lenny Henry’s first Boy With Wings book, Tunde must save the world from a ferocious enemy. At school, Tunde has a close-knit group of friends but often finds it hard to stand up to the school bully. Then one ordinary day soon becomes extraordinary when Tunde suddenly spouts wings! School soon becomes the least of his problems as, equipped with his new superpower and his rag-tag group of pals, Tunde must save the Earth from total destruction. Complete with epic illustrations by Keenon Ferell, this hilarious novel is perfect for readers aged 9-12 and the beginning of the Boy With Wings phenomenon. 

The Book of Legends

by Sir Lenny Henry

This laugh-out-loud magical story follows twins, Bran and Fran, as they embark on an extraordinary adventure. When their mum disappears in a lightning strike, the twins find themselves alone, and so they must put aside their differences and stick together. But their lives take an unexpected turn when they discover that their mum’s treasured storybook doubles as a portal to another world. Soon they’re among evil princes, mud monsters and Viking armies who Bran and Fran must fight if they hope to make it out alive and solve the mystery of their mother’s disappearance. Packed full of jokes and perfect for readers aged 6-8, this is a must-read quest of a lifetime!

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