Book cover for Fake Law



27 May 2021
416 pages
Imprint: Picador


Well written, both punchy and providing concise explanations of complex laws . . . a powerful polemic that also acts as a primer about our legal rights
The Secret Barrister mounts a powerful defence of lawyers and the law from their noisy detractors . . . this is an urgent and highly readable book. You will come away from it feeling that your mind has been purged
Fake Law is a compelling, eye-opening read and should act as a wake-up call for anyone with an interest in how the law, and, by extension, society and justice function – that is to say, every one of us.
The authority of this author is in the sheer quality of the writing. To keep up to this standard in tweet after tweet, blogpost after blogpost, and now book after book is remarkable – especially if, as the author tells us, they do all this in addition to a busy and stressful criminal practice