Out on 25 April 2024


Theo Parish

Age 14 +
25 April 2024
224 pages


'An uplifting, hopeful, empowering memoir that celebrates self-discovery and self-love' - Alice Oseman, author of the bestselling Heartstopper series

An unmissable graphic novel perfect for fans of the global hit Heartstopper and Juno Dawson's What's the T?

Hello! I’m Theo. I like cats, Dungeons & Dragons . . . and I’m trans and non-binary.

Ever since I was young, I’ve been on a journey to explore who I am. To discover the things that make me . . . me.

Sometimes it can feel like the world is trying to fit you into a box, to label you one way or another, but there is nothing more wonderful than finding your true authentic self, whoever you are. Whether you are transgender or cisgender, we are all searching for ways to make our houses feel like homes . . .

In Homebody, Theo tells the heartwarming story of discovering how to live life on their own terms through beautiful illustrations and lyrical text.

An uplifting, hopeful, empowering memoir that celebrates self-discovery and self-love
An accessible, affirming story that models how anyone—cis or trans—can take steps toward self-knowledge and gender freedom.
Brimming with compassion, warmth and gentle humour, Homebody swept me up like a hug with a long-lost friend. Exploring their own journey of self-discovery, Theo’s honest, conversational storytelling and masterful command of visual narrative combine to create a stunning memoir full of hope and non-binary joy. This book will mean so much to many readers, and I cannot wait to see whatever Theo works on next.