There's Nothing Faster Than a Cheetah

Tom Nicoll

Illustrated by Ross Collins

Ages 3-5
19 January 2023
32 pages


Buckle up for There's Nothing Faster Than a Cheetah. A laugh-out-loud funny picture book with vehicles and animals!

Three, two, one . . . the race has begun and the animals are off!
Rhinos on roller-skates, foxes in fire engines, lions in lorries, penguins on pogo sticks...
There's nothing faster than a cheetah.
Or is there . . . ?

Perfect for sharing together, this wonderfully wacky picture book is sure to get young readers giggling. With a bouncy, read-aloud story from Tom Nicoll, and hilarious illustrations from the award-winning Ross Collins.

Small readers will love this funny picture book, where exuberant animals race through the pages, and will whoop with joy when they find out how the snails manage to cross the finish line ahead of the fastest land mammal.