Out on 01 August 2024

This Is Our World – Welcome Home

Tracey Turner

Illustrated by Asa Gilland

Ages 7 to 9
01 August 2024
48 pages


Visit 20 different homes around the world in this vibrant and colourful follow up to This Is Our World and Celebrate With Us!.

The tour is truly global, as we explore a terraced house in the UK before zipping over to a houseboat in the Netherlands. Then, it's a quick jump to a high-rise apartment in Tokyo, before travelling to a cave house in Tunisia. Our guides are children who tell us about their unique homes and surrounding environments, opening a door into diverse cultures around the world.

Gorgeous illustrations by Asa Gilland fill the homes and their inhabitants with warmth and humour, accompanied by Valerie Wilding's entertaining and informative text.

This is the ideal book for young children who long to travel the world and see how other people live.