The Business of Life

Vaibhav Maloo

23 November 2023
272 pages


What is an entrepreneur’s most useful skill? Some would say it’s communication, others creativity or management. But the greatest skill a leader possesses is curiosity – a strong desire to learn and know.

Business leader and changemaker Vaibhav Maloo goes a step ahead to combine his innate curiosity and knowledge with his eagerness to share lessons drawn from his vast, varied personal and professional experiences. Arranged in 101 crisp Q&As, these lessons cover a wide range of topics, from world politics, social empowerment, business ethics to a deep dive into culture and religion. Throughout, Vaibhav raises several crucial, universal questions: what are the biggest challenges facing mankind, how to filter noise from facts, how does one build their brand’s ethos, and much more. Always thought-provoking, his answers inspire the reader to take positive action, whether in business or in life.

The Business of Life is an engaging and accessible collection of stimulating thoughts, perfect for anyone who has ever wanted to pick a maverick business leader’s brain.