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Counting One's Blessings



05 September 2013
688 pages
Imprint: Pan


With correspondents ranging from Kenneth Clark to Osbert Sitwell, as well as her parents-in-law, daughters and eldest grandson, the Queen Mother's selected letters - collated by her official biographer, William Shawcross - are seldom dull . . . [Counting One's Blessings] provides a study of maturing character against the background of great events
A fascinating, provocative first-hand glimpse into another world . . . Elizabeth clearly delights in her friends, and is charmingly quick to offer assistance, take an interest in others' lives, and have a laugh at her own expense . . . Read [Counting One's Blessings] for the sheer entertainment value
One of the most appealing aspects of the Queen Mother was her zest for life to the end - her passion for the arts, horse racing, foreign travel and whizzing round the country in helicopters. She cared nothing about money; even the Queen complained wryly about her extravagance. 'There's something about her that's kept very young, ' Ted Hughes wrote . . . [Counting One's Blessings is] expertly edited and introduced by William Shawcross