William Shawcross

04 August 2013
67 pages


‘Enchanting, often moving and sometimes hilarious’ – Daily Mail

Full of wit, hilarity, acute observation and a deeply held sense of duty, the Queen Mother’s letters give readers a vivid insight into the person behind the public face.

Edited by WIlliam Shawcross, Elizabeth: Counting One's Blessings Part 1 reveals, in the Queen Mother's own words, the much-loved little girl writing teasing letters to her many siblings and friends; here, too, is the young woman who, after a long courtship and two refusals, accepted the Duke of York’s proposal.

‘The warm personality and humour of the late, much-loved Queen Mother shines through in her letters, as does her affection for all, whether below or above stairs' – Scotsman

‘Recaptures her effervescent charm, and the simple fact that she was a good egg’ – Spectator

‘How one warms to her!’ – Evening Standard