eva ibbotson's books are overflowing with haunted castles, spell competitions and schools for ghosts - with exciting characters such as witches, wizards and even the occassional ogre. 
you can now discover which witch you'd be in eva's books using our handy which witch quiz.

we’ve also pulled together some irresistible extras for this book so you can keep on exploring the magical world of eva ibbotson. click to download:

the witches have lost the words they need to complete their spells! help them find the words so they can do their magic.
witchy wordsearch

there's an ogre on the loose! head to the centre of the maze to stay safe and sound in the castle.

beastly maze
we've given you a spooky start to a story from eva ibbotson's magical world. write what you think will happen next. it can be about anything you want - maybe some ghosts want to move into the castle, or a wizrd thinks it will make the perfect workshop...
there are lots of monsters in eva ibbotson's books. if you could have a pet monster, what would it look like? 

monstrous drawing