Books to read if you love Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series

If you can’t get enough of Lee Child’s gripping Jack Reacher series, discover the best books like Jack Reacher and authors similar to Lee Child. 

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Lee Child’s ex-military policeman Jack Reacher has been solving mysteries and thrilling readers for over twenty years, with the ninth and eighteenth novels being adapted into two blockbusting films starring Tom Cruise as the titular character. In 2020, it was announced that Lee’s brother Andrew, author of the David Trevellyan series, would be taking over writing the Jack Reacher books. Here, discover the first book in Andrew Grant’s David Trevellyan series, as well as more books like Jack Reacher and authors similar to Lee Child. 

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Books similar to Jack Reacher books

Memory Man

by David Baldacci

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If you’re looking for a complex anti-hero in the vein of Jack Reacher, look no further than David Baldacci’s Amos Decker. The Amos Decker books are similar to Jack Reacher books, and the series starts with Memory Man. When ex-detective Amos Decker returned home to find the bodies of his wife and only daughter, he didn't think he could carry on living. Overwhelmed with grief, he saw his life spiral out of control, losing his job, his house and his self-respect. But when his former partner in the police, Mary Lancaster, visits to tell him that someone has confessed to the murder of his family, he knows he owes it to his wife and child to seek justice for them.

As Decker comes to terms with the news, tragedy strikes at the local school. Thirteen teenagers are gunned down, and the killer is at large. Following a serious brain injury Amos suffered as a professional footballer he has an extraordinary memory – and the police believe that this unusual skill will assist in the hunt for the killer.

When new evidence links the murders, Decker is left with only one option.

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by Andrew Grant

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This pulse-racing spy thriller by Andrew Grant, Lee Child’s brother and now co-author of the Jack Reacher novels as Andrew Child, sees David Trevellyan, ex-Royal Navy Intelligence operative, fight for his life after he’s framed for murder. As he investigates who may have set him up, Trevellyan discovers a huge international conspiracy which goes straight to the heart of power in the US. 

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Long Road to Mercy

by David Baldacci

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 David Baldacci’s Atlee Pine novels are books similar to Jack Reacher books, but with a strong female protagonist at their heart. In the first book in the series, thirty years have passed since FBI special agent Atlee Pine’s twin sister, Mercy, was taken from the room they shared as young children. Notorious serial killer Daniel James Tor was caught and convicted of other murders and, while there’s no proof, Atlee believes he knows what happened to Mercy. Atlee has never stopped the search for her sister.

Now, assigned to the remote wilds of the western United States, Atlee is called in to investigate a case in the Grand Canyon. She knows about killers and perhaps understands them better than any profiler in the FBI, but it soon becomes clear that she will need to put her skills to the ultimate test in this investigation.

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Black 13

by Adam Hamdy

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If you’re looking for authors similar to Lee Child, don’t miss Adam Hamdy’s explosive debut thriller Black 13. Black 13 is the first spy thriller in the exhilarating Scott Pearce series. Radical extremists are rising and governments, the military and intelligence agencies are outmanoeuvred, borders are breaking down and the people in power are puppets. In this new world, one man will make a difference. That man is former MI6 agent-in-exile, Scott Pearce.

One Good Deed

by David Baldacci

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For a noir-inspired twist on books like Jack Reacher, try David Baldacci’s One Good Deed. Murder, secrets, revenge and just a touch of romance combine with the twist of all twists in this thriller, which is sure to keep you gripped until the very end. Aloysius Archer is looking to start a new, peaceful life after serving a prison sentence for a crime he didn’t commit. But Archer takes on more than he bargained for when he starts work as a debt collector for local business tycoon Hank Pittleman . . .

Capture or Kill

by Tom Marcus

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Capture or Kill is the thrilling first novel in the Matt Logan series from former MI5 operative Tom Marcus. Matt Logan and his team are working to bring down two brothers who are orchestrating a major terrorist attack, but Logan is frustrated by the rules they’re forced to play by. When he’s offered the chance to join a new operation, ‘Blindeye’, it seems like his dreams have come true . . .

Absolute Power

by David Baldacci

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Looking for more authors like authors like Lee Child? David Baldacci never fails to grip readers with his fast-paced thrillers. As with the Jack Reacher series, David Baldacci’s novel Absolute Power was adapted into a blockbusting thriller: the film, starring Clint Eastwood, was a huge success around the world. This gripping story is set at the heart of political power in Washington DC. When professional burglar Luther Whitney gets trapped on the job, he witnesses something that destroys his faith in justice. Can he uncover a political conspiracy that goes all the way to the President of the United States?

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