A murder mystery game by Ann Cleeves

Ann Cleeves – bestselling crime writer of Vera and Shetland fame – has written a murder mystery based around a traditional Shetland Sunday Tea.

Ann Cleeves – bestselling crime writer of Vera and Shetland fame – has written a murder mystery based around a traditional Shetland sunday tea especially for librarians and booksellers who would like to host their own murder mystery party.

But what's in your murder mystery kit?

1. A script for 4 actors. This is a specially written script by Ann Cleeves, the setting is a Shetland Sunday tea and Shetland detective Jimmy Perez makes a guest appearance.

2. Promotional material including PDFs of professionally designed posters, tickets and the competition form for anyone putting on a public event.

3. A running order and guide for planning the event.

4. A template press release to send out to local media.

5. Recipes for a traditional Shetland tea accompanied by each chef's story.

What you'll need:

1. Four actors – two men and two women. They don't need to learn lines but should be confident about reading a short monologue in front of an audience.

2. Someone to host and chair the event.

4. Scrap paper and pencils so people can take notes – some do take this event very seriously!

5. Encourage attendees to bring along some home baking in the spirit of a Shetland Sunday tea. the packs also include recipes should any of the organizers want to create some authentic fayre

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