New York City: a city of many names and many guises, from the stately brownstones of Brooklyn, to the glass skyscrapers and commerce of Manhattan, from the trendy SoHo cafes to the bright lights of Broadway. It is a city that holds a unique allure, so it’s no surprise that it’s inspired many a writer to put pen to paper.

‘Songwriters composed passionate lyrics about it. Authors made it the centrepiece of their novels. Actors professed their love for it in late-night interviews . . .’ So central character Vanessa reflects in the hotly-anticipated new novel The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen.

Prepare to be enthralled by Hendricks and Pekkanen’s own deft portrait of NYC at the heart of this brilliant new thriller, which is published in ebook now, and in hardback on 2nd February 2018. Inspired by this addictive debut, here are some more of the best books set in The Big Apple for you to sink your teeth into in 2018.

Modern Lovers

College friends Elizabeth, Zoe and Andrew were in a band together, supposedly grew up, settled in New York and now live in the same Brooklyn neighbourhood – and in each other’s pockets. One hot summer as their kids come of age, it's they, the parents, who find that the lives they've haphazardly stitched together are beginning to slowly unravel. Wise, insightful and witty, Modern Lovers is a brilliant read about the complexities of friendship, the sobering arrival of middle age, and the passions and ambitions of our youth.

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Meet Tess, a twenty-two-year-old seeking a new life in New York. Arriving with no job prospects, she stumbles into a role as a lowly back-waiter. This isn’t just your average run-of-the-mill steakhouse though. Somehow Tess has landed a job in one of the most renowned restaurants in the city and she can’t help but fall for this new world of fine dining – plus the good-looking bartender and charismatic senior server. Smart, amusing and a sensual feast for all foodie-lovers, Bittersweet can easily be consumed in one hungry sitting.

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The Next 

Joanna DeAngelis may be gone from this life, but she has a score to settle before she can move on to the next. Abandoned and betrayed by her younger lover, Joanna falls into a dark afterlife and rises up as a restless spirit intent on revenge. From Manhattan to Broadway, Long Island to Brooklyn and Queens, Joanna’s journey through the landscape of her memory and desires takes us on an evocative tour of New York. Darkly funny and uplifting, the debut novel from Stephanie Gangi is a provocative page-turner.

Photo by Frank Köhntopp on Unsplash