Brexit Illustrated: Artists’ visions of an uncertain future

As uncertainty about Brexit and the UK's place in Europe only intensifies, artists from across Europe share what the EU means to them.

After a referendum, a general election and two years of political wrangling, the original deadline of 29th March is set to pass us by and yet it seems we are no closer to agreeing on exactly how we solve a problem like Brexit. Despite the confusion, disagreements, protests and metaphorical (or perhaps literal) banging of heads against parliamentary benches one thing is clear: there is still a lot of love between Britain and the rest of Europe.

From the moving, touching and funny letter penned by some of Germany's most influential politicians and business leaders to the Drawing (for) Europe exhibition held at the Institut Français in London in 2018 which influenced Drawing Europe Together, the relationship between the UK and continental Europe is clearly important to many.

Inspired by the Drawing (for) Europe exhibition, which illustrator Axel Scheffler helped to create, Drawing Europe Together brings together illustrations by artists from across the UK and Europe, expressing what Europe and the European Union means to them. Axel Scheffler drew the cover illustration and wrote the foreword, continuing his passionate support of the European Union which was first demonstrated in his speech at the British Book Awards in 2018.

Here we showcase just a few of the thoughtful, moving and funny illustrations from Drawing Europe Together.

Britain Takes the Biscuit - Emily Gravett​

Illustration of mouse eating a small piece of cheese alone with a Union Jack, while the EU shares a huge cheese plate

Fair Question - Penny Dale

Baby dinosaur asks its parent "do grown-up dinosaurs always know best... I mean, what's best for little dinosaurs?" while other animals unite under EU flag

¡Viva Europa! - Katja Gehrmann

Hedgehogs leave the other animals sharing a feast under a EU flag to eat their small meal alone

Europe Means Overcoming Division and Separation - Thomas Müller

Europa and the bull

Drawing Europe Together

by Axel Scheffler

Book cover for Drawing Europe Together

Drawing Europe Together is a passionate heartfelt exploration of Europe and what it means to the people who live and work in its borders. With contributions from artists from Quentin Blake to Emily Gravett, Drawing Europe Together showcases illustrations from 45 renowned illustrators who share their visions of Europe in this beautiful collection.