In 1998, Louis Theroux found himself in Colorado, wearing a cyborg helmet set to project a laser beam of 3rd eye energy, grasping an alien-rifle and on the lookout for UFOs.

Where others would struggle to find words, thankfully Louis always does.

So, in a career that has spanned more than thirty years and traversed the backstreets of Bangkok to the swinger clubs of South Carolina, the quotes of Louis Theroux make for fine reading and – taken out of context – excellent memes.

While his memoir, Gotta Get Theroux This, offers eagerly awaited (and often hilarious) insights into how Louis felt in these surreal situations, one question remains. For Louis, do responses such as ‘do you just come down here and hit yourself with things?’ and ‘I’m in the pool, I’ve taken all my clothes off’ become normalised – the equivalent of office small talk to the rest of us – or are these weird and wonderful encounters etched into his memory . . .

 We found out for ourselves and put Louis to the test in this exclusive ‘did I really say that?’ quiz.