Joe Wicks answers common questions about Lean in 15 and Lean in 15 - The Shape Plan.


1. Can I use the book without signing up to the 90 Day SSS plan?

Yes, of course you can! Lots of people are seeing great results with the book. It gives you the basic structure of the plan and lots of recipe ideas. If you sign up to the 90 Day SSS Plan it’s a training and meal plan specifically tailored to you with individual email support. With the book, you need to assess for yourself if the portions are just right for your results or if you need to adjust it for your own body’s energy expenditure. The feedback I am getting is that after a few days, people can get a sense of what is right for them. A petite older female who is less active is going to need less food than a younger active male, but that’s just common sense.

2. What is your breakfast philosophy? Why are there fewer breakfast dishes?

The absolute worst way to start your day is with sugary breakfast cereal and fruit juice. Your blood sugar levels go through the roof, leaving you hungry and with cravings all day. Eggs are a terrific start, but I like to eat chicken and all sorts of other food for breakfast. I want people start thinking outside the box—the cereal box! The plan is totally flexible, you can eat any of the meals in this book for breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you prepare your meal the night before, why not double up and eat it for breakfast the next day to save time. I personally love a curry for breakfast! You need to give your body the energy it needs rather than a quick fix. And what people like about my plan is they can eat the food whenever it fits into their lifestyle. If you want a stir fry for breakfast and overnight oats late at night after a workout—that’s okay too!

3. Why are no macros or calories listed in the book?

I’m trying to get people away from numbers based-thinking—both the sad step and calorie counts! Everyone has different energy demands and it’s not possible to adapt recipes to each reader – the book is not a tailored plan. Lean in 15 is a way of life and you should eat to feel good, I want readers to develop an instinctive sense of what portion size is right for their own energy demands and adapt my recipes accordingly.

4. Is it suitable for vegetarians? What about vegans?

I’ve packed the book with fresh fish recipes for those who don’t like red meat and vegetarians can substitute meat in the meals with tofu or Quorn. Unfortunately it is not suitable for vegans due to the eggs and dairy content in many of my recipes.

5. What is the difference between Book 1 and Book 2?

Each of my first three books corresponds to a different phase in my 90 Day Plan. The first book is all about having one carb meal on training days. In  Book 2 – The Shape Plan – the meal structure changes so rather than eating one carbohydrate meal a day after exercise (as in book 1), you will eat three carbohydrate-rich meals on days that you train.  The exercises are also different.

In book 1 the focus on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) helps to shift body fat, in book 2 the training increases in intensity in order to shape the whole body. As before, training can still be done at home with minimal equipment.

People can use Book One forever—it is not a 30 Day plan. I’m giving people a lifestyle and it is up to readers which eating style works for them (more carbs on training days or not). And of course there is a lot of variety in the recipes—so you can mix and match across the books! It’s all about good food, easy to make that people want to eat and of course educating readers about nutrition and exercise.

6. If I have already signed up to the plan, will I already have the recipes or are these new?

The plan recipes are different: 90% of the recipes in this book are new and not available on the plan but I have included a few favourites (the Build-Up Bagel and Protein Pancakes because they are the most popular. Graduates of my 90 Day plan love the book because it’s giving them tons of new ideas! Bosh.