The best self-help audiobooks to kick-start 2023

Kickstart your new year and get inspired to make 2023 your best year yet with our pick of the best self-help audiobooks to listen to this month. 

January brings a plethora of brilliant new books to read in 2023 and a new year full of chances to make your life happier, more productive, and more fulfilling. Whether you’re looking to overhaul your approach to dating and relationships, kick bad habits that you know are holding you back, or make every day just a little bit happier, these self-help audiobooks will inspire you to make changes and improve your life in the year ahead. 

For more inspiration, discover our edit of the best self-help books

Closer to Love

by Vex King

Book cover for Closer to Love

If you want to become luckier in love in 2023, plug in and start listening to Closer to You by bestselling self-help author Vex King. King unpacks the role that self-love plays in your relationships, shares how to love unconditionally and intentionally, and gives practical tools and advice to help you be a more mindful romantic partner. Whether you’re looking to meet your perfect partner or want to build a stronger relationship with your significant other, King shares the skills and practices you need before you can embark on a meaningful, loving relationship that lasts.  

The Kindness Method

by Shahroo Izadi

Book cover for The Kindness Method

If you set lofty resolutions for yourself that never seem to stick, this is the new year listen for you! After the turmoil of the past few years, we should all treat ourselves with a little more kindness as we begin a brand new year, and Shahroo Izadi’s game-changing The Kindness Method will teach you to do just that. Whether you’re listening during your commute or you’re curled up at home on a winter evening, this self-help audiobook will show you how giving yourself a break and treating yourself with the kindness you deserve is the key to making changes that last. 

What Happened to You?

by Oprah Winfrey

Book cover for What Happened to You?

In What Happened to You?, Oprah Winfrey and Dr Bruce Perry unpack how our childhood experiences and past traumas can help us understand our personalities and the challenges we face as adults. With Winfrey sharing her own experiences alongside Perry’s groundbreaking research into brain development and trauma, this audiobook will help you understand the impact of your past experiences and give you practical tools to build resilience and begin your journey towards healing. 


by Amir Levine

Book cover for Attached

Learn how knowing yours and your partners’ attachment styles can help you find love and keep your relationship thriving in the bestselling self-help audiobook, Attached. Written and narrated by psychiatrist and neuroscientist Amir Levine and psychologist Rachel S. F. Heller and packed with case studies and insights, Attached will teach you whether you are anxious, avoidant or secure in relationships. They will then explain how to use your attachment styles’ strengths to communicate your needs and build more fulfilling connections. 

How to Leave Your Psychopath

by Maddy Anholt

Book cover for How to Leave Your Psychopath

Comedian Maddy Anholt’s relatable and surprisingly funny audiobook, How To Leave Your Psychopath, offers advice on how to leave a controlling or abusive relationship. Explaining the tactics that controlling partners employ, from gaslighting to negging, and sharing the red flags that are so easy to miss during the honeymoon phase, Anholt helps you understand why you are choosing the wrong type of partner. Her personal stories and advice will help you escape to a life of freedom and self-confidence if you are with someone who isn’t serving you. 


by Russell Brand

Book cover for Recovery

Sharing the approach that helped him to recover from his addictions and live a more authentic, purposeful life, Recovery is the bestselling audiobook written and read by actor and podcaster Russell Brand. Whether your addiction is to a substance, a job that doesn’t serve you or your mobile phone, Brand’s candid retelling of his journey to recovery and his explanation of how to free yourself of your addictions will give you actionable ways to kick bad habits in 2023. 

Solve For Happy

by Mo Gawdat

Book cover for Solve For Happy

For former Googler Mo Gawdat, there’s a way to engineer anything to work better, even happiness. In Solve For Happy, Gawdat explains how by changing how we think and learning how to avoid what he calls “unhappiness traps”, we can make happiness our default, even during the most challenging times. Offering practical ways that you can use to bring more joy into your life, Gawdat’s bestselling self-help audiobook is for anyone who wants to learn how they can make every day feel more fulfilling, no matter what challenges they face. 

How to Calm Your Mind

by Chris Bailey

Book cover for How to Calm Your Mind

With so many ways that everyday life and its uncertainties can trigger anxieties, How to Calm Your Mind should be on everyone’s reading list for 2023. In this audiobook, productivity expert Chris Bailey shares how his experience of burnout led him to discover how to manage his anxiety and find calm. With solutions for dealing with stressful situations, both on and offline, to how to deal with the stress caused by our obsession with “busyness”, How to Calm Your Mind will give you a toolkit of strategies to help you start the new year as you mean to go on.