All ten titles in Adrian Tchaikovsky's dazzlingly original SHADOWS OF THE APT series have been graced with beautiful new ebook covers. This ten-book  series about war, empire and power is a must read for any fan of epic fantasy. Each cover showcases a different ornately-designed weapon, set against a jewel-coloured background. Our designer Neil Lang has done a fantastic job - the longer you look, the more details you spot! 


Praise for the Shadows of the Apt series

‘Brimming with imagination’ 

‘The Shadows of the Apt series is simply one of the best epic fantasy series out there’
LEC Book Reviews

‘Reminiscent of much that's gone before from the likes of Gemmel, Erikson, Sanderson and Cook but with its own unique and clever touch . . .Terrific’ 

‘Superb world building, great characters and extreme inventiveness’ 
Fantasy Book Critic

 ‘Epic fantasy at its best. Gripping, original and multi-layered storytelling from a writer bursting with lots of fascinating ideas’ 
Walker of Worlds

 ‘The whole Shadows of the Apt series has been one of the most original creations in modern fantasy’ 

‘A kick-ass story’ 
Falcata Times