From biography and politics to true crime and self-help, you’ll find books to illuminate and inspire in our non-fiction range. Discover acclaimed writers like Oliver Sacks and David Olusoga, and explore contemporary bestsellers such as This is Going to Hurt and The Secret Barrister.

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  1. Book cover for I Wanna Be Yours

    I Wanna Be Yours

    John Cooper Clarke

  2. Book cover for Belonging: The Autobiography

    Belonging: The Autobiography

    Alun Wyn Jones

  3. Book cover for Mother for Dinner

    Mother for Dinner

    Shalom Auslander

  4. Book cover for A (Very) Short History of Life On Earth

    A (Very) Short History of Life On Earth

    Henry Gee

  5. Book cover for Broken Heartlands

    Broken Heartlands

    Sebastian Payne

  6. Book cover for Let's Do Dinner

    Let's Do Dinner

    Antoni Porowski

  7. Book cover for God


    Francesca Stavrakopoulou

  8. Book cover for Vegetables


    The Estate of Roger Phillips

    Martyn Rix

  9. Book cover for A World Beneath the Sands

    A World Beneath the Sands

    Toby Wilkinson

  10. Book cover for Shakespearean


    Robert McCrum

  11. Book cover for Look Again

    Look Again

    David Bailey

  12. Book cover for Somewhere Becoming Rain

    Somewhere Becoming Rain

    Clive James

  13. Book cover for A House Through Time

    A House Through Time

    David Olusoga

    Melanie Backe-Hansen

  14. Book cover for Pinch of Nom Food Planner: Quick & Easy

    Pinch of Nom Food Planner: Quick & Easy

    Kay Allinson

    Kate Allinson

    Laura Davis

  15. Book cover for Hope Not Fear

    Hope Not Fear

    Hassan Akkad

  16. Book cover for Maybe I Don't Belong Here

    Maybe I Don't Belong Here

    David Harewood

  17. Book cover for Choose Possibility

    Choose Possibility

    Sukhinder Singh Cassidy

  18. Book cover for Life's Edge

    Life's Edge

    Carl Zimmer

  19. Book cover for What Strange Paradise

    What Strange Paradise

    Omar El Akkad

  20. Book cover for The Invisible Girl

    The Invisible Girl

    Torey Hayden

  21. Book cover for Dear Reader

    Dear Reader

    Cathy Rentzenbrink

  22. Book cover for How to Make an Apple Pie from Scratch

    How to Make an Apple Pie from Scratch

    Harry Cliff

  23. Book cover for Paradise


    Kae Tempest

  24. Book cover for Dance Prone

    Dance Prone

    David Coventry

  25. Book cover for Psychedelic Apes

    Psychedelic Apes

    Alex Boese

  26. Book cover for Bomber Command

    Bomber Command

    Max Hastings

  27. Book cover for The Journalist's Handbook

    The Journalist's Handbook

    Kim Fletcher

  28. Book cover for The Blind Light

    The Blind Light

    Stuart Evers

  29. Book cover for W-3


    Bette Howland

  30. Book cover for The Running Book

    The Running Book

    John Connell

  31. Book cover for How Stella Learned to Talk

    How Stella Learned to Talk

    Christina Hunger

  32. Book cover for Dream Horse

    Dream Horse

    Janet Vokes

  33. Book cover for Palace of Palms

    Palace of Palms

    Kate Teltscher

  34. Book cover for Joe's Family Food

    Joe's Family Food

    Joe Wicks

  35. Book cover for The Utopians

    The Utopians

    Anna Neima

  36. Book cover for My Amy

    My Amy

    Tyler James

  37. Book cover for Think Like a Breadwinner

    Think Like a Breadwinner

    Jennifer Barrett

  38. Book cover for Make Brilliant Work

    Make Brilliant Work

    Rod Judkins

  39. Book cover for Black and British

    Black and British

    David Olusoga

  40. Book cover for Notes from Your Therapist

    Notes from Your Therapist

    Allyson Dinneen

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