Essential books illuminating key periods of history, from the Romans to the Tudors to World War 1. Delve into the history of England with Peter Ackroyd, explore Britain’s forgotten multicultural past with David Olusoga, or uncover the violent rise of early Christianity with Catherine Nixey.

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Margaret George’s favourite stories of the Roman Empire.

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  1. Book cover for Innovation


    Peter Ackroyd

  2. Book cover for The Greatest Escape

    The Greatest Escape

    Neil Churches

  3. Book cover for The Glass Wall

    The Glass Wall

    Max Egremont

  4. Book cover for Tutankhamun's Trumpet

    Tutankhamun's Trumpet

    Toby Wilkinson

  5. Book cover for Revolt


    Nadav Eyal

  6. Book cover for Lily's Promise

    Lily's Promise

    Lily Ebert

    Dov Forman

  7. Book cover for Broken


    Jenny Lawson

  8. Book cover for The Battle for the Falklands

    The Battle for the Falklands

    Max Hastings

    Simon Jenkins

  9. Book cover for Who Are We Now?

    Who Are We Now?

    Jason Cowley

  10. Book cover for Until Proven Safe

    Until Proven Safe

    Geoff Manaugh

    Nicola Twilley

  11. Book cover for France: An Adventure History

    France: An Adventure History

    Graham Robb

  12. Book cover for The Greatest Invention

    The Greatest Invention

    Silvia Ferrara

  13. Book cover for Queen of Our Times

    Queen of Our Times

    Robert Hardman

  14. Book cover for The Book Collectors of Daraya

    The Book Collectors of Daraya

    Delphine Minoui

  15. Book cover for The Quiet Americans

    The Quiet Americans

    Scott Anderson

  16. Book cover for On Consolation

    On Consolation

    Michael Ignatieff

  17. Book cover for The Happiest Man on Earth

    The Happiest Man on Earth

    Eddie Jaku

  18. Book cover for How to Be a Refugee

    How to Be a Refugee

  19. Book cover for In the Midst of Civilized Europe

    In the Midst of Civilized Europe

    Jeffrey Veidlinger

  20. Book cover for Dutch Light

    Dutch Light

    Hugh Aldersey-Williams

  21. Book cover for A (Very) Short History of Life On Earth

    A (Very) Short History of Life On Earth

    Henry Gee

  22. Book cover for God


    Francesca Stavrakopoulou

  23. Book cover for A World Beneath the Sands

    A World Beneath the Sands

    Toby Wilkinson

  24. Book cover for Shakespearean


    Robert McCrum

  25. Book cover for A House Through Time

    A House Through Time

    David Olusoga

    Melanie Backe-Hansen

  26. Book cover for Bomber Command

    Bomber Command

    Max Hastings

  27. Book cover for The Blind Light

    The Blind Light

    Stuart Evers

  28. Book cover for The Running Book

    The Running Book

    John Connell

  29. Book cover for Palace of Palms

    Palace of Palms

    Kate Teltscher

  30. Book cover for The Utopians

    The Utopians

    Anna Neima

  31. Book cover for Black and British

    Black and British

    David Olusoga

  32. Book cover for Thebes


    Paul Cartledge

  33. Book cover for Going with the Boys

    Going with the Boys

    Judith Mackrell

  34. Book cover for Day of the Assassins

    Day of the Assassins

    Michael Burleigh

  35. Book cover for Pandora's Jar

    Pandora's Jar

    Natalie Haynes

  36. Book cover for The Pull of the Stars

    The Pull of the Stars

    Emma Donoghue

  37. Book cover for Mistresses


    Linda Porter

  38. Book cover for Machiavelli


    Alexander Lee

  39. Book cover for A Place For Everything

    A Place For Everything

    Judith Flanders

  40. Book cover for Colditz


    P R Reid

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