Essential books illuminating key periods of history, from the Romans to the Tudors to World War 1. Delve into the history of England with Peter Ackroyd, explore Britain’s forgotten multicultural past with David Olusoga, or uncover the violent rise of early Christianity with Catherine Nixey.

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Margaret George’s favourite stories of the Roman Empire.

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  1. Book cover for 9781447269915
    The Diary of Lena Mukhina

    Lena Mukhina

  2. Book cover for 9781447245544
    A Curious Friendship

    Anna Thomasson

  3. Book cover for 9781509803484
    The Discovery of France

    Graham Robb

  4. Book cover for 9781447241959
    King John

    Stephen Church

  5. Book cover for 9781447291930
    The Way We Wore

    Daphne Selfe

  6. Book cover for 9781447295273
    An Atlas of Countries That Don't Exist

    Nick Middleton

  7. Book cover for 9781509811427
    Our Story

    Reginald Kray

    Ronald Kray

    Fred Dinenage

  8. Book cover for 9780330544856
    1946: The Making of the Modern World

    Victor Sebestyen

  9. Book cover for 9781447271697
    Civil War

    Peter Ackroyd

  10. Book cover for 9781447279532
    The Last Lion: Winston Spencer Churchill

    William Manchester

    Paul Reid

  11. Book cover for 9781447288756
    The Fall of Paris

    Alistair Horne

  12. Book cover for 9781447217282
    Empire's Crossroads

    Carrie Gibson

  13. Book cover for 9781447242000
    Some Desperate Glory

    Max Egremont

  14. Book cover for 9781447288732

    Max Hastings

  15. Book cover for 9781447288749

    Max Hastings

  16. Book cover for 9781509804801
    Churchill's Empire

    Richard Toye

  17. Book cover for 9781447275268
    We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed With Our Families

    Philip Gourevitch

  18. Book cover for 9781447227175
    Four Sisters:The Lost Lives of the Romanov Grand Duchesses

    Helen Rappaport

  19. Book cover for 9781447286264
    Queen of the Desert

    Georgina Howell

  20. Book cover for 9781447275060

    Michael Herr

  21. Book cover for 9781447275084
    Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight

    Alexandra Fuller

  22. Book cover for 9781447281467
    The Seventies Unplugged

    Gerard DeGroot

  23. Book cover for 9781447269809

    Max Hastings

  24. Book cover for 9781447271062
    The Places In Between

    Rory Stewart

  25. Book cover for 9781447279471
    Passions Between Women

    Emma Donoghue

  26. Book cover for 9781447263296
    Last Letters Home

    Tamasin Day-Lewis

  27. Book cover for 9780330511704
    A History of the First World War

    B. H. Liddell Hart

  28. Book cover for 9781447266921
    A History of the Second World War

    B. H. Liddell Hart

  29. Book cover for 9780330531511
    The Ancient Paths

    Graham Robb

  30. Book cover for 9781447274421
    Bear Grylls: Two All-Action Adventures

    Bear Grylls

  31. Book cover for 9780330522793

    Simon Winder

  32. Book cover for 9781447241072
    The Restoration of Rome

    Peter Heather

  33. Book cover for 9780330529525

    Judith Mackrell

  34. Book cover for 9781447259404
    To War with Whitaker

    Hermione Ranfurly

  35. Book cover for 9780330534376
    Crown of Thistles

    Linda Porter

  36. Book cover for 9781447267959
    The Wreck at Sharpnose Point

    Jeremy Seal

  37. Book cover for 9780330529488
    Small Wars, Far Away Places

    Michael Burleigh

  38. Book cover for 9781447233176
    Burial Rites

    Hannah Kent

  39. Book cover for 9780330445672

    Jim Crace

  40. Book cover for 9781447266594
    Going to the Wars

    Max Hastings

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